Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Operation Tasty Paste

Today was such an epic day.

Well, to be fair, pretty much any day where one gets to hang out with Katie Peck and the Andy at the same time is bound to be pretty awesome. I mean, given the circumstances, it can't be helped.

But anyway. We- meaning the Andy and myself- decided a few days ago to play hookey for the day and go visit Katie. She has this awesome house on the cape she's staying at for most of the summer, but since she's there and pretty much everyone else is, well, NOT there, it gets pretty dull for her.

So we went to alleviate her boredom.

Admittedly we didn't do a whole lot, but that's fine. Hanging out with good friends doesn't have to be wild and crazy ALL the time. We went out for ice cream, went swimming, ended up taking a nap on the porch... it was a very laid back day.

For the most part.

There was one moment where I spotted some ducks a little ways off from the ship we were chilling on. I was suddenly filled with the desire to become best friends with every single one of them.
For the record: just because it happened doesn't mean I fully understand why it happened. Befriending many ducks seemed, like so many other things I do, like a good idea at the time.

Sadly it turns out that ducks can fly faster than people can swim.

On a slightly different note, I discovered (along with the Andy and Teddy) that bacon-pepperoni-sausage pizza is amazing. This revelation came about because of another Mario Kart excursion, which leads me to my final point of the night: Mario Kart is STILL the best game ever created, and there are few things this world has seen that can defeat Bowser and Donkey Kong riding together in the Bowsermobile.

That is all. Good night :)

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