Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wait... Take 2?

Let me tell you a story.

This year, I swam for Needham High's boys swim team as co-captain (Mike Ricci was the other captain). I really enjoyed spending time with that group of boys, almost as much as I enjoyed the swimming itself. Swimming is my sport. I love it, breathe it, and drown myself in it. (I apologize for the horrendous pun...)
Anyway. At the end of the season, a few of the more powerful swimmers (a group which included myself) were carted off to Harvard to compete against the best swimmers in our state. Aka, our states meet.

States is always an exciting time, if you're into swimming. It is the day when you are supposed to get all of your adrenaline up and running, get your game on and break some records. I have always gotten at least three personal bests at these meets. This year was extra special though, since it was my last chance to burn home records. I was 110% fired up for this meet and to make a long and loud story short I cut some significant portions off of my old records- for example, I lost 2 seconds off my 100 fly time, bringing it down to the 56 it is at now.

It was a great day, but all great things must come to an end. I left that day satisfied with my accomplishment, but also saddened that I was leaving the arena forever.

Please note that I am tragically short-sighted.

It recently clicked in my brain that wait a minute- I'm going to be swimming in college, aren't I? So... wait... that means...?

Yes, Brian. You get another 4 years of competitive school swimming.

It shouldn't take much imagination to picture my elation upon the thought finally making its presence known.

Oh, and I got some new dart guns. Because we all know getting to shoot at stuff "safely" is fun.

I promise to put a good picture in my next post! Pinky promise.

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