Sunday, August 29, 2010

Movie Night

So originally the plan for tonight was for Cali and myself to go study somewhere, do homework, whatever. Probably just hang out in the library for a couple of hours and be productive for once.

What happened was I was supposed to meet her outside her dorm building at 7:30, which I was there for. Since I was under the impression that you couldn't go inside the building without a proper card key, I sat on a bench outside and waited.

And waited.

I was still waiting when one of the other girls who lives in that dorm walked by and asked me what I was doing, since I "looked like such a creeper just sitting there." I'm not kidding, she actually said that. I told her, and she said that that made more sense as she pulled the door open and walked inside without using a card key.

I had been sitting outside for 15 minutes waiting for someone to open an unlocked door for me. Not to mention that now people think I'm suspicious.

Once I'd finally gotten inside, it became apparent rather quickly that we would not be going to the library- we would be watching a movie instead. Since I wasn't much of a movie person, it was going to be the girls choice because they actually owned movies.

Oh, right- Katie Duncan had joined us by this point. This is Cali, the first girl:
and this is Katie:
Both are really cool girls. That being said, the movie they decided on was... something else entirely.

I realize now that it was a trap I'd set myself up for when I said that I didn't have an opinion one way or the other on chick flicks. That having been said, they decided on a movie called Bride Wars. They both assured me that it was a good film, and that it was pretty decent even in the realm of chick flicks. So, we settled down, and after struggling with the TV's settings a little we sat back to enjoy the show.

I must admit, I hadn't thought it was possible at first, but this movie showed me otherwise. The director of that film single handedly crafted an hour and a half long film comprised of nothing but bridal drama. I had to sit there in disbelief while two girls fought to sabotage each others weddings because they both wanted to have their weddings on the same day at the same place.

I'm trying to say this in the nicest way possible, seeing as whoever it was must have had to put some kind of effort into that movie and I don't want to belittle all of that work- but having seen Bride Wars, I'm now HORRIFIED at the movie industry.

It wasn't even a story!! They could have literally just had the two main characters slap-fight and insult each other for 90 minutes and the end would have been almost exactly the same.

Is it even possible to like drama so much that you glorify it in film? Movie people, I came to college for many reasons, but one of them was to GET AWAY FROM ALL OF THAT. I *hate* drama. It's petty and useless.

Fortunately watching that film with a couple of girls- actually I forgot, Hillary was there too, she came at around the halfway point- but watching it with a couple of girls offered an excellent opportunity to provide a running commentary about what I thought of the film. :)

I don't think they appreciated it as much as I did. I had to duck a lot during that movie.

Speaking of appreciating things, I'm on another music hunt- but I'm also very unhappy with my ipod, since I can't get it to connect to the iTunes store anywhere on campus. Rrgh. That aside though, I think my next post will have some songs I'm thinking about for input. Music is awesome!

Until next time, then!


  1. i did not say the movie was good, i've never seen it either.. but it was funny.. your facial expressions were even funnier though (;