Sunday, July 11, 2010

And so it begins.


So yeah, welcome to my blog. I decided to go public finally on the whole blogging thing. I'm a little frustrated about the fact that I was too lazy to install photoshop and illustrator on my computer, and so now I can't make a weird picture to greet you all with. Bummer, huh?

So a couple of things you should know about this shindig:
1. Random haters are not cool.
If you don't like the art I put up, that's cool. Constructive criticism is welcome. But people going "lollerskates yur art is crap" should just go find something else to do. Thanks.

2. Yes, I'm kind of copying another blog I saw.
There's this awesome blog out there called Hyperbole and a Half, read it, look at all of the little pictures. Yes, they are pretty awesome. Yes, I will be doing something similar, but I won't be stealing Allie's stuff or anything like that. See? Citing my sources.

3. This is going to be (mostly) an art blog.
I'm going to put up my work from time to time, and hopefully as my digital editing skills get better so will my art. That being said I'm going to post about other things too, since it's a free country etc, and yeah. Hope you all like the artwork though.

Alrighty then. Now that we all know each other, gnight! Busy day tomorrow.

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    I'm so glad you're in the blogosphere. Welcome!
    I look forward to reading/looking at your stuff :)