Thursday, July 15, 2010

Avast, Me Stylin' Hardies

The title is way cool, none of you are allowed to judge me.

So, deviating from art for a moment, I finally finished my Eagle rank! It's such a relief/awesome feeling.
That being said, I do feel like I need to complain a LITTLE bit about the extreme pokerfaceability of some of the people who were on my board. This one guys facial expression, I'm not kidding, changed ONCE. You know the weird, very focused look guys can get when they're scrutinizing something they're working on? His face was that for almost a half hour. I felt like a circuit board or something that he was working on.

Anyway. So, at some point in the afternoon I was reading some web comics while trying to balance a stack of rulers on my head, and I got the craziest idea- what if I were to make my OWN webcomic, just for funsies? Webcomics are awesome!

Of course, right on the heels of this thought was the crushing realization that yes, I've already had this idea, and yes it did end in a particularly typical episode of failure.

Let me explain. I went through this comic-y stage at about the end of summer LAST year, and was rather hell-bent on making this awesome strip about... well, I don't know. Stuff, life, whatever seemed like a good idea at the time.

The problems started cropping up when I came to the realization that comics normally involve drawing people, and when there are people there are faces... and I have this thing against drawing faces. Check out the drawing I posted last time, the one "guy" is a robot and the other dude is wearing this face-scarf thing. Crisis averted?

Well, if further nurturing my phobia of the human face is "averting a crisis", then I suppose so.

That, in addition to my failure to make any more than one character based loosely off of some girl I know, effectively spelled disaster for my secret dream of being the Online Comic Emporer. The depression lasted for a while, but I was eventually able to suppress it with chocolate cake and cheating at card games.

I wrote that last sentence intending for it to positively laced with sarcasm, but now that I'm re-reading it I'm unfortunately coming to grips with how true it actually is.

Yeah, no art work this time. Sorry. Next time I'll post some of the stuff I sent into the AP Board, promise.

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