Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A little while ago, I got an idea from a character from Cali, one of my future college buddies!

I tried to fufill Cali's request for a character sketch- but, like most of my endeavors, it went pretty awry. This is her character: a normal girl.

...yeah. I know. It's pretty hard to interpret "normal" into anything particularly artsy. But that's what I have to do- a normal height, normal appearance, girl of non determined identity. What is special about her? She can stop time.

Oooo, ok. Gotcha. So now we know that she's special. But, if this is a character sketch, how am I supposed to depict her power visually? I mean, what does time look like? How can you depict-in a pencil drawing, mind you- that a girl has either stopped time or is stopping it? What is that supposed to look like? I'm trying desperately to avoid having this be just like a mental power, because not only is that incredibly cliche but in my opinion mind powers are also kind of... well, lame. If your power is as easily used as just thinking, it's a pretty obvious upper hand over most other forms of power. Also, no exertion= no effort = very boring drawings.

This mentality has of course cursed me to the insurmountable task of trying to figure out ANOTHER way for her to stop time. It's at times like this that I really despise Marvel Comics- they've already come up with so many villians and heros, it's hard to make anything that doesn't sort of parallel something they've already come up with.

Any ideas are welcome, just saying.

Also, upon the realization that this was (as of now, anyway) a dead end project, I capitulated to the desire to draw more dragons.

Yarr. Dragons are cool.

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