Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today was another one of those "good days" people talk about when they go out and enjoy some shenanigans with their friends. In my case, it was going to the beach with a good portion of my youth group! We ended up driving up to New Hampshire and going to one of the beaches there, I unfortunately can't remember what its name is. With the exception of my legs and back getting toasted due to what I am convinced is a faulty tube of sunscreen, ouch by the way, the day was a hit. Meaning success. Or good. Something like that.

I didn't find a good picture of my favorite piece, so I went and took another one. Oh snap, showing initiative during the summer? You guys should be honored, seeing as I'm doing it for the lot of you.

But anyway, here it is!

Subject: Kristie Schott

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it soo much.

I'm not even really sure why, the composition isn't- in my humble opinion, anyway- as complete or interesting as some of my other work. But this piece has a very special place in my heart.

One of my favorite parts about this particular piece is the position and expression of the subject: it's as if the art itself is posing for the artist, WHILE it's being created. That, and judging from the expression they're wearing, you can almost feel this frustrated impatience coming from the girl as if to say, Just finish me already! The world demands to see what I will look like when finished. I wish to see it too!

I could only fully appreciate this pieces fully interpretable potential several months after its completion. It beautifully captures how the idea behind a masterpiece wants to be completed just as badly as a model wants the artist to finish.

Can you tell I like art? Just checking.

Everyone should like art. Since, after all,

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