Friday, July 16, 2010

AP- but just a couple

I'm not going to post everything because I'm tired and stuffed with cheeseburger. But I'll be sure to post some stuff.

I went bowling with some friends today! It was quite the enjoyable experience, although the game developed this awful habit of disintegrating into a tickle fight. With me at its epicenter. Thanks guys.

At any rate. Here's the first picture:

Subject: Me!

I really liked this one, I feel like it best portrays the feeling of intimacy between an artist and their creations. It's not like passionate love or anything, but more subdued- a kind of appreciative respect.
Most of my art for my concentration, this being one of them, had a goal: I wanted it to capture that serene feeling I mentioned. Some of the earlier ones had a different goal, but that's alright. I wish I had a high quality shot of my absolute favorite piece on hand, but I don't. So instead, here's another concentration piece:

Subject: Jackie Lusardi

This was one of the later ones, so the theme had once again changed slightly by this point, but people seem to like this one regardless.


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