Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm tired today so I'm not going to be posting anything particularly interesting.

I will be, however, working on a draft for a comic that I'm going to submit to the campus paper for the next time it gets published. Hopefully they'll like it. I'm just testing the waters for now, I guess.

Exciting stuff. At any rate. Time for a nap! Welcome to college :)

Ok, so instead of working on that draft like I had promised I was going to, instead I found myself getting roped into hanging out with Daniel and then later going to the student center for a while to see what the hijinks over there was on about. (They had cookies covered in frosting, it was a good time)

Suffice to say I didn't ACTUALLY get any work done? But I'll bring my notepad with me to the swim meet tomorrow and work on it during the bus ride.



So I couldn't really think of any particularly successful ideas on the bus ride home. Instead I drew a picture of Presto (I'll talk about him later, when it's NOT 2:20 in the morning) riding his old segway and waving a cowboy hat. It seemed appropriate. I'll post it later. Maybe.

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  1. the problem with updating posts is that someone named ari rarely sees them. >:|