Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Shave November?

I have a confession to make.

I entered November making the same promise as any self respecting guy capable of growing facial hair: no shaving, for one month. GO BEARDS!

However, almost exactly one week into it, I came to a realization. I look utterly ridiculous as anything other than clean shaven.

Some people can rock the bearded look pretty well. Take Pat for instance.

It is important to note that Chris is not Pat. Chris is the happy one. Pat is the less openly happy one. Maybe I'll talk about Chris at some point, but for now we need to focus on Pat.

He's the third, yet-unmentioned-so-far freshman guy on our swim team. He's from Colorado. The thing about Pat is that not only is he an INCREDIBLE swimmer, but he's also impossible to make fun of. People can tease Daniel for acting a little excitable sometimes (no offense meant, Daniel), I get called out on being a social psychopath, but Pat...

I mean, he's Pat. Look at him. He's awesome!

Anyway, Pat rocks the bearded look pretty well. I couldn't find a good picture on Facebook anywhere of him with a beard... so...

That's... kind of what it looks like. It looks a lot better in reality, trust me.

The point is that some people can get away with the bearded look, others (such as myself) can't.
As such, it became obvious that measures needed to be taken to prevent my further descent into freakdom.

I'll get over the shame and humiliation eventually. I also gain solace from the fact that I look more normal now.


    I'm more disappointed than a gazelle on steroids.

  2. join the clean-shaven club bro. Remember me from the spring? (the picture's still up if you don't)