Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Illogical at best

I was originally going to post this yesterday, but then Taryn sort of "borrowed" my computer for a while, and so I figured that meant I didn't have to post since you were all sufficiently entertained. :)

That having been said, I really ought to finish what I start, and if I don't then I'll be hounded by this guilty feeling for days on end. Plus, it would be rather lame if I just up and let my blog die, so...

At any rate. Post.

I don't know why it's taken me this long to realize the oddity of this phenomenon, pardon the technical speak, but I finally have and as such will speculate about it ad nauseum.

The sun. It's a giant ball of incredibly hot burn-y stuff that floats really far away in a land of pure nothing. It's yellow, or at least we like to pretend it is, since looking directly at it would melt our eyes. It's really big, like I mentioned before, to the point where if you put the earth paradoxically next to itself just over 109 times, that would ALMOST be as wide as the sun. It keeps us warm, lets us see, moves across the sky, probably does other things behind our back that we're not aware of....

and it makes us sneeze?

It's true, sunlight makes people sneeze, but apparently not everyone.

For example: I have never seen some of the people here at college sneeze. Daniel Bowman has never sneezed, as far as i can tell. Some Needham people, such as Jansen, have never sneezed before in their lives (so long as I was there too).

Other people, like my little brother Matthew-
The one in the orange shirt is Matthew. He's been unanimously selected as the most awesome of the Keeler brothers, of which there are four: Andrew, myself, Stephen, and then the aforementioned Matt. He's probably smarter than I am, and definitely just as spontaneous. You have not truly experienced childhood until you've pretended to be a "grazing pony" and rolled around on your front lawn with him for over an hour while your dumbfounded neighbors look on suspiciously. Hooligans.

Anyway. Where was I going with mentioning Matt?

Right, the sun. I apologize, all of my non-sequitors are rather bizarre.

Matt is the worst offender I have ever met for the sneezing in sunlight thing. Give or take about 20 seconds after he steps outside, he'll suddenly let forth a stream of rampant ah-chooing. EVERY TIME. It's like he's allergic to the sun, but in the really pathetic cartoony way where people only sneeze instead of breaking out in hives or something horrible along those lines.

That having been said, it's probably a good thing that people don't just erupt with horrible rashes when they go out into sunlight... that wouldn't be very conducive to living productively/ for long periods of time.

Ok, so some people sneeze in the sun. Some don't.


that question suddenly occurred to me, and has been pestering the portions of my mind that should be devoted to working on papers for school and such. Why doesn't either EVERYONE or NO ONE sneeze when they walk outside into the sun? Am I the only one who's bothered by this??


You know, it's probably God who does that. I really wouldn't be surprised. I mean, think about it- it's totally harmless, completely irrational... people always say that he has a sense of humor.

I bet He does it. I bet God makes people sneeze for kicks.

I hope that's not sacrilegious, actually. I honestly don't know if God is a 100% serious being all the time. I would expect He does things for amusement, but then that's only based on how I would do things if I were God.

Which, clearly I'm not.

I guess I'll leave it at that God MIGHT be the one who makes people sneeze in the sun. Just in case.

I had something really important that I wanted to update you guys on, but it's slipped my mind for the time being. Something cool about swimming. It might come back by the time I finish the painful picture for the post I was going to post a while ago.

Which reminds me, I have to finish that post now too. Wow... this is a lot more work than I thought it would be.

Still waiting on Ari's guest post, and still waiting on the Andy's guest post. Andy has an excuse though, he's busy doing the college thing.

Uhm. I think that's about it.
LESS THAN THREE WEEKS UNTIL I GET TO GO BACK HOME. I'm so excited to see my family again. College is fun, sure, but family is like a royal flush to colleges straight.

I probably shouldn't use poker terms, since I don't really know what they mean. A straight is good, right?


Whatever. You know what I meant.


  1. lol wow sneezing in the sun is what you think about in your spare time......

  2. oh ya go look at the poll on my blog btw :P

  3. I would be slightly creeped out that you keep tallies of who you have witnessed sneezing. However, it seems fairly par for the course.

  4. 1. It's yellow, or at least we like to pretend it is, since looking directly at it would melt our eyes.

    I am yellow, or at least Asian. Do I make your eyes melt? (Okay that sounds weird) (Also when I tried to type this my computer switched to Chinese characters and I had to switch it back to English)

    2. I'M ALSO DOING THE COLLEGE THING except not at college, pre-college. As in college applications. As in they suck. But I will get to your post.

  5. I have never noticed Matt sneezing when exposed to sunlight. This was very enlightening. XD

    Also, I envy anyone who is allergic to the sun. Sneezing is fun.