Sunday, November 14, 2010

A More Personal Update

I really don't know how this happened, but it sucks so bad.

I woke up this morning after having spent an amazing saturday with tons of different people doing all kinds of fun college weekend stuff, and almost fell over when I stood up. My head was swimming, my stomach was throbbing and I was incredibly weak.

Turns out I'm rampantly sick right now. Surprise, right?

I've been bedridden literally all day, except for the one adventure I went on from my dorm room to the front door to get some get-better-gatorade and soup from Courtney LeMay.

This is Courtney. She swims the same events as I do here, the 50 and 100 free plus relays. She's also our team photographer! (most of the time, anyway. She does a really good job, though)

...I'm too disoriented to do a full bio on her, though. I'll finish hers when I can sit up without feeling like I'm going to pass out, promise.

I also got some of the same stuff from Nathan Runtas-
Runtas is the guy on the left who can clearly out-lift anyone reading this blog. Not Runtas is actually Andrew Canada, a senior on the team.

But anyway, Runtas brought me crackers in addition to more gatorade and soup, so I am very well taken care of. That being said, the only reason I could write this much was because I threw up about five or six times and it messed up my body enough that it thinks it's been purged.

Unfortunately, that not-quite-as-bad feeling is leaving more rapidly now, so I need to go back to bed before something bad happens.

I hate being sick...

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