Monday, November 15, 2010

Guest Post: Artistic Blunders

Hey, everyone. How's it going? Just a disclaimer, I'm not Brian. As far as introductions go, I'm Ari and I'm a senior at Needham High School. You'll be finding out more about me in a little bit, after I finish writing a smashing introduction about how much I like Brian and what a cool kid he is. (Stop smirking, Carolyn!)

Anyway, I am so excited to be blogging for Brian! He wrote a guest post for me a while back, and after that I really wanted to make an awesome post for him as well. I finally got around to it during my 20th Century Physics class, which is a complete joke and equivalent to nap time. Actually, today we were assigned homework for the first time in nearly a month and I almost had an aneurysm. Which is remarkably similar to what Brian is going through now. Just kidding. He's just sick and throwing up all over the place. (Feel better!)

So moving on. Brian's blog is one of my absolute favorites, very reminiscent of one of our mutual loves (Hyperbole and a Half). And this is a reminder to him that he owes me some mac & cheese. You want to know the story behind that? Of course you do. One time, Brian used an interesting analogy - he compared a certain blog to a recipe book, saying, "No one likes to read recipe books unless you get at least some muffins out of it. I mean, come on, muffins > no muffins." - to which I replied, "So he's just bluffin' with his muffin. Lame." He apparently got a kick out of that and rewarded me with 100,000,000 Brian dollars, and supposedly 100 of them will get someone you don't like to be tackled, and 1000 of them is the equivalent of a bowl of macaroni and cheese. So I want my mac & cheese, yo. :)

Alright, now to the real shiz. I welcome you to...
So most of you have probably noticed that Brian has some cool drawings on his blog. He does really funny mini-cartoon type things, filled with little puns and corny jokes. I love them. They make me LOL.

I kind of wish I could do something that awesome, too. The problem is that I'm Asian. Which means I have small eyes. Which means when I try to do a caricature of myself, it looks a little like this:
And it's impossible to convey different expressions, a crucial part of any comical sketch, when your eyes have to be drawn as mere lines. It just cannot be done.

In order to solve this problem, I considered drawing objects around me with very expressive eyes in order to show what I was feeling. For example, if I wanted to draw what my thoughts were on Brian, I could vicariously show my "distaste" through a sun in the background.
Except then, it looks like the sun is repulsed by me, not like I'm repulsed by Brian. And then people will assume that others are hating on me for my insulting Brian. Which is totally not the point. See the dilemma?

There is actually one expression that I can draw using squinty eyes, and although I'm sure some people would like to argue that it is quite an appropriate face for me, I would have to disagree. This expression is one of distrust, of suspicion, of disgust. (Unintentional rhyming ftw.)

And it is very, very ugly. And not exactly the greatest image to look at. (I made it gray on purpose to show how dismal it is.)

So although I adore these little drawings and wish I could do them regularly on my blog to tell cute stories, I have decided that it is best to stick to what I know and do well:
So I take pictures, I bake cupcakes, and I write. And in between I throw in a little lovin' for my friends and my life in general. ♥

And that's a heartful of Ari! This was a brave endeavor considering my lack of confidence when it comes to my artistic skills, so I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to stop by my blog if you want to see my photography, find out more about me, etc. (click here)

Thanks for letting me guest post, Brian! I expect more awesomeness from you soon. :)


  1. haha I just read this again. Still makes me laugh.

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