Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Technical Difficulties?

Ok, this might sound really bizarre, but I need to upload a random picture just to see if it will work.Ok, good.

I had to do that because there was this unexpected notice at the top of my page saying how "image uploads will be disabled for two hours" something something whatever.

Which, of course, is extremely lame. If it hadn't worked I would have put off the post until tomorrow. Since it is working, however, here goes.


Have you ever had a moment where you're so overcome by something that just happened that you convince yourself that it was much, much worse than in reality? I had one of them a couple of days ago.

Except I totally forgot until now that I was going to tell you the dissection story, so unfortunately the Fist Bump of Horror story is going to have to wait for a couple of days. Sorry!

So here we go, dissection story. To begin, since I can't recall if I ever explained to everyone what Archways was, I have to start with that.

Archways was a week-or-so long backpacking pre-orientation trip for upcoming freshmen. Several of you may recall that I had to leave Needham abnormally early? Well, it was for that. It was definitely worthwhile though- I got introduced to a ton of people who helped to streamline the whole "getting used to college" thing. If you remember Taryn from the photography post, she was in my group.

But anyway. This particular story sadly doesn't involve her, it's about Kelsey and Daniel.

...No, not THAT Daniel. Daniel Alexander, our student leader. I had been sitting with a couple of my other archways groupies, Kelsey being one of them, and Daniel apparently saw us and came over to say hi (he had been slacking off about the whole "staying in touch" ordeal... lazy bum).

We got to talking, and at one point during the conversation Kelsey looked at my head funny and said something about how "one of your ears is REALLY STRANGE!"

Well yeah, I said. That's my crazy ear.
It looks a bit odd because while most ears curl back in on themselves at the edges, this particular one does not. So it looks a lot flatter than other ears.

Daniel decided that this was something he HAD to see for himself. The first problem with this ordeal was with the order that everyone was sitting in:

The second problem was, as you may have guessed, that the "crazy ear" was on the OPPOSITE side of my head as Daniel. So, obviously, you just get the person to turn their head so that you can take a look for yourself.

WRONG. Within seconds of Kelsey saying that Daniel had grabbed my head.

The long and short of what happened was that I ended up almost sideways with my head pinned to the table, while Daniel and Kelsey and a couple of other relatively interested people looked at what must the most fascinating ear ever.

When they finally let me sit back up, I was taken aback by Kelsey taking a knife back from Daniel and putting it in her pocket.

Which reminds me, I should probably introduce Kelsey to you all.

Meet Kelsey. :)

Anyway. Kelsey has a habit of carrying a pocketknife around with her pretty much wherever she goes. In fact, she's sitting next to me while I'm writing this- and sure enough, she has one with her.

She's a really nice girl, one of the best. Yet for some reason (this explains why she was putting her knife AWAY) her initial reaction to my hapless position was to whip out the blade and hand it to Daniel.


If you're half as confused about that as I was, then you would be very confused. Although I was laughing so hard at the time though that I didn't really care- I mean, it's not like she or Daniel was going to stab my head or anything.

...Probably, anyway. :/ Temporary fits of laughter do a lot to help cover up those nagging thoughts about potential deaths.

Oh, bit of a non-sequitor, but I actually have a question for all of my adoring *cough* fans out there. I'm contemplating inquiring at the campus newspaper next semester to see if they'd take me on as a cartoonist/ article-writing-human. I'm not totally sure that this is a good decision though... swim team takes up a rather large quantity of my time here.

So hopefully, upon reading this, you'll weigh in. I'm about 90% sure that you can comment anonymously, so it wouldn't be a hassle- just say something like "go for it", "you should prioritize!" or "write about pandas, dammit!"

I probably won't write about pandas though, just a heads up. I do have standards, after all!


  1. Write about pandas, dammit!

    But in actuality, you should write for your school newspaper AND post those on your blog. Then you won't be doing any MORE work than you should be, so it's not like you would have to prioritize.


    and I like Ari's suggestion

    and... there was something else... oh yes, people who carry pocket kives around with them all of the time are generally awesome. Like Elizabeth's roommate who pulled on out for unpacking like 5 seconds after I met her. She didn't know it but for the following five minutes she was my favorite person.

  3. I approve Ari's suggestion.

  4. I've already told you that you should try to work for the paper. Your writing is very good, and you're hilarious!