Monday, October 11, 2010

A Classic Response

I started this little habit a while ago- maybe last year- of leaving a small picture everywhere.
It's not supposed to be artistic or anything, just simple and easy: so you can draw it quickly and leave without anyone seeing that is was you who did it. So I called it the "stealthy ninja", because it was supposed to just appear and disappear. And so on.

And so this hobby has gone on for a while, and I took it with me to college and have left a couple here and there, but I saw one day that someone ELSE had taken a notice.

Normally when people see them, they're just all "Huh, that's cool" or something along those lines. No, not this person- they were creative, and they RESPONDED.

It was easily the highlight of my day. So whoever you are, Mr. Burly Pirate, just letting you know that you're my hero.

And my eternal rival. Ninjas will always prevail, it's inevitable. Sorry!

On the subject of prevailing, I made a list of ideas for future posts- so now it will be a) easier for me to make them and b) get rid of my excuse for NOT making them consistently.

Yay productivity :)

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