Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This was an actual thought I had today

I know that little will transpire from me bringing this up except that all of you will think I'm that little bit more crazy, but it was interesting enough so I'll just mention it anyway.

In my expos and research class, one of the guys was talking about how warm his phone was- neither of us knew exactly WHY it was heating up, he hadn't been using it, but it was just the same. So I made a joke about how whichever company it was, probably Samsung, had invented a new and awesomer phone for people: a phone with a built in microwave.
It would be, needless to say, probably the single most amazing and simultaneously impractical thing ever created by human hands. You could make little with it except bacon. Maybe really thin pancakes.

But the embarrassing thing is that it couldn't have a name. The realization was a tragic one.

Pity, though- it would have been a pretty cool idea.