Thursday, September 9, 2010

Code Orange

I'm going to write down a couple of different ideas here at the top so that I can just come look at them if I ever need a good one. Feel free to judge.
-people i know here at college
-the orange candy thing
-art (oh yeah, whatever happened to "art blog"?)
-swim team

Something really bizarre happened today. My facebook got hacked somehow! I was just sitting there at my computer, minding my own business,
When all of a sudden, Hillary called me over and said "Hey... uhm.. did you send me some link on facebook just now?" I was pretty sure I hadn't, but I walked over to her computer and sure enough there was a link on her page from me. I was confused, but not really concerned or anything- it was probably just a bug on her computer or something, right?


Well, when i got back to my computer,

...I found out that well over thirty people had been sent a similar message. I don't know how whoever it was managed to get onto my account while I was logged in, but it bothered me. I spent the next ten to fifteen minutes frantically trying to inform everyone on the endlessly stretching chat bar at the bottom of my screen as to what had happened.

To all hackers: STOP IT. You're inconvenient.


  1. Maybe if you eat orange candy, you will lose all your teeth.