Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Codename: Generation Y

This is going to sound really weird, but here goes-

Tonight I hung out with some guys for the first time in college. No girls. It was interesting.

No, I'm not trying to say that I'm a ladies man or a pimp or whatever, because that's just clearly not true. I... well...

Oh, you know what I'm trying to say.

It was a great time though. For me at any rate, there's only so far you can let down your guard with girls- yeah they're nice, yeah they're fun to be around, but there are few things in this world like just watching The Matrix and lazing around in someones dorm room playing Halo while being with other guys.

I feel like I owe you people another teaser for the ninja fight picture, but... I think i'll just put up another slightly older picture I found on my scanner when I unpacked it. I think it's pretty cool personally.
You have three guesses as to what inspired this picture. And for the record yes, I do love that tv show.

The one thing about this picture that bothers me: look at the face of the guy on the bottom. He's supposed to have this scar on his face, but it ended up with him just looking like his nose protrudes out into eternity.

Other than that, though, the picture is fine- and so in my book it's a hit.

I will close tonight (this morning... curse you, 1:15am) with a couple of things: one, that the bag of skittles in my room is starting to bother me. I've eaten all of them except the orange ones, and since I'm neurotically afraid of orange candy, it's an issue.

I also discovered for number two that Cali will chase the little red dot on the ground laser pointers make. It's hilarious, I promise. Try it some time.


  1. I HATE ORANGE CANDY but I'm not afraid of it. You weirdo.

  2. hey! you are evil. i liked that red dot...