Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For those of you who actually read the guest post I made for Ari, I apologize, this is going to look a little familiar. Feel free to actually comment on this one, though. :P


#10: Anything on my iPod not listed below
The way that I get my music is actually a little pretentious- basically I listen to the radio/ Pandora for about a month or so, write down the names of all of the songs I really liked, and then I go buy them. I haven't fully warmed up to the idea of buying albums yet.
And for those of you who are going to ask, no, I don't use any of those "music sharing websites" or limewire or any of that crap. I get my music the legitimate way.

#9: Bad Romance, Lady Gaga
The reason this is here is because back in Needham over the summer I went on some day trips with one of my good friends. He's a bit of a music nut, in a good way, and so we frequently ended up listening to techno music, Gogol Bordello, Mumford & Sons, lots of other bands...

And Lady Gaga. It's an acquired taste, I guess.

#8: Dynamite, Taio Cruz & Ludacris
Ugh. Youtube has failed me badly on this one- there were no good recordings. For better results, buy it- it's a good song.

#7: Dreamscape, 009 Sound System

#6: Animal I've Become, Three Days Grace
I know that I don't normally pick the music videos, but this was the best recording of it I could find. Sorry if it's bizarre.

#5: I Don't Care, Apocalyptica
There's something about a hard rock band that uses chellos that appeals to me. Why? I dunno, it's cool.

#4: Awake and Alive, Skillet

#3: Hero, Skillet
What? TWO Skillet songs in a row? Well, yeah, they're a great band.

#2: Going in Blind, P.O.D.

#1: In the End, Linkin Park
The actual music video for this song is just plain old weird. It's got some egyptian looking stuff, flying whales, very obvious green screening, etc.That doesn't stop this song from being at the top of my list, though. It's awesome. I listen to it before I race for swimming to get the ole' adrenaline going, and it works.

And there you have it. Musics!! :)

I for one am still anxiously awaiting Andy's guest post, whatever it may be. Come on, lazybones, get you act together. Seriously. I must have checked my email at least five times looking for it. :P

Oh yeah, that reminds me, art exists. Speaking of art! I'm working on this picture right now of a bunch of ninjas all fighting each other- it's a pain in the butt since I hate drawing faces, so I have to figure out how to make different masks for each one, and outfits, and weapons, etc etc. But in the end it'll totally be worth it since ninjas are awesome.

Uhm but yeah, I do apologize for disappearing like that, I've been really busy these last couple of days for no readily apparent reason. If this keeps up then I'm thinking that the whole blogging-every-day-thing is going to rapidly fade into the past, but I will certainly devote an appropriate amount of effort to seeing that this doesn't happen.

Here's a sample of that picture I was talking about, by the way. I really like this guy in particular, and yes he does look a lot like this other character I have.

Yes, that's a ninja. Don't argue. He's awesome. Ninjas are awesome. Therefore, he's a ninja.

No, that doesn't mean this principle applies to all things that are awesome. Just him. Seriously, people.

One last thing, before I go: if anyone ever has any ideas as to some topic they'd like to hear about, by all means TELL ME. It's not as easy to come up with all of these ideas by myself.

..this post had a picture! I'm really happy about that, actually. I hope you guys are too.

Until later!


  1. Sup. Did you like how I edited the guest post you made me by making the titles of the songs links to the youtube videos? Yeaaah.

  2. Oh and I, too, am looking forward to Andy's post. He seems like a really cool and funny guy. Not that you aren't, obviously..

  3. RE #5: Look up Tornado Rider. Seriously. Cellos are awesome.