Monday, February 21, 2011


Day 2: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Ok, this is slightly embarrassing.

Originally, I had a different blog- it was just called "A Voice in the Void", plain and simple. It wasn't a public blog, the link to it wasn't on my facebook page, etcetera. I had created it because it was a way for me to rage and write about important things without my brothers being able to find a journal or something lying around my room.

Basically, it was supposed to me my "voice" hidden in the "void" of the internet.

It worked pretty well up until one of the people I had written about decided one day to google their name. So they did, and surprise! Up popped the post I had written about them.

Now, before you all judge me for being weird about people, let me clarify: I only wrote about people who I was friends with, and I wrote about them for a specific purpose. I was trying to record all of the life lessons they had (sometimes inadvertently) taught me.

But the problem was, those posts were supposed to be private- and now they weren't. So once I found out that the cat was out of the jar, I locked down A Voice in the Void and closed it permanently.

Truth be told, I didn't really need it anymore either. I'm a much happier person with high school being a thing of the past. So, I'm remaking my blog, but only it serves a different purpose. Instead of venting about things that bother me, I just laugh at myself and my world and sometimes appreciate the amazing people I'm surrounded by.

Yeah, this will probably have been the most serious post you'll find in here. Sorry that it lacks entertainment value, but it was what was called for! TOTALLY not my fault.

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