Friday, February 25, 2011

Hex- Witchcraft or a Prefix?

Day 6: A Picture of Something that Makes You Happy

There's a couple of different ways that this could be interpreted. Am I supposed to find a picture of something I've done? Or will could I go find an awesome picture on the internets and say THAT makes me happy?

Why not both, I suppose. It makes for a longer post.

The random picture off the internet that makes me happy is as follows:

Why does this make me happy? Because as many of my art friends can tell you, I'm frightfully obsessed with some of the themes bundled up in this image. Robotic armor, mysterious figures, underdogs, GIANT ROBOTS, action shots, the list goes on. It's almost as if this image was tailored to my specific brand of rampant art nerdery.

It was so awesome that it actually inspired me to redo, and finally finish the design for a character I've been developing for almost three years now. I finished the basic, mug shot image but I still have to do detail pictures for various other things... so it won't be posted for a while, if ever.


As for a normal picture that makes me happy, that would have to be this one (sorry that it's about me):

This, more than anything, is me in my element. I love working big, and I have a passion for artistic creation that rivals (or surpasses at times) my enjoyment of swimming.

Also, dragons are just really freaking awesome. It's a fact that people simply must learn to accept.

Here's what it looked like when it was done:

Unfortunately, I'm only just over 6 feet tall and so I was unable to capture a very good top-down shot of the dragon. It was pretty big when it was finished, something like 14 feet across.

Did it turn out good? Up for debate. But I enjoyed myself immensely while creating it.


  1. IT TURNED OUT AWESOME. And, bonus, got me out of class like three times

  2. That random picture from the internet reminds me very much of this short film