Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Day One: Introduce yourself, with a picture, and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

You know, to be brutally honest (I haven't checked) I seriously cannot remember if I ever actually talked about myself on this blog before.

I guess I just don't like talking about myself. I'm much better at making fun of myself.

That having been said, though, I have a rule about pictures of me: and that is that all of them are terrible. I despise almost every picture of me that's ever been taken- the exception is my senior portrait, but there are no copies of that online.

Basically, I'm not doing the picture bit, because it would make me sad.

However, since I'm now obligated to do the other one, here are 15 facts about Brian Keeler.

1. College has taught me that eating peanut butter straight out of the jar is both acceptable and EXCELLENT.

2. I'm not actually 6'2". Since I feel like height should be measured in cats, I'm actually 7 and 2/5 cats tall.

3. I lose socks more often than anything else. I have no idea why.

4. According to Daniel Bowman, I'm a blue/ white personality type. I unfortunately can't remember what that means, but ( should help.

5. I love swimming, but I hate lifeguarding. Being a lifeguard is possibly the single most horrifying way to bore a person to death.

6. The easiest way to make me hate you forever is to make fun of my artwork. It's unpleasant for everyone though, so let's not give it a try.

7. Also, it is considered a borderline treasonous to compare me to characters from The Office. Thou shalt not. That means you, Collegian people.

8. Yes, I have drank ketchup straight before. No, it was not as bad as the last time I went to Taco Bell.

9. I am mildly afraid of Chinese food. I wouldn't be able to tell you why, and I admit it's irrational, but still.

10. Yes, I have buddy showered before. No, it was not a decision being made on my part.

11. Even though I openly refer to Massachusetts as things like a "cultural wasteland" and "the gates of Hell", I actually would rather be there right now than here in Wilmore. Partially because I miss my family and friends, but mostly because I want to see my puppy again.

Oh, that reminds me. According to the poll I had up a little while ago, no one cares about the mens swimming team (sorry guys), only one person cares about the girls team, and everyone else wants to hear about Brady or Matt. I'll probably bio Brady first though, since he's cuter.

Anyway, getting off topic is bad, so

12. I am either amazing or terrible at hide and seek.

I guess that one warrants a bit of a story, too. Sometimes after church services back home, the kids would want to play hide and seek from time to time, and I was typically among the last two found- either that or I was NEVER found in spite of the fact that people would keep entering and re-entering the room I was hiding in.

So no, it wasn't one of those instances where they just left me hiding and went and did something else. I know you were thinking that.

However, once at Camp Good News (read: Jesus camp), the entire boys camp decided that we were going to play one colossal game to decide who was the best ninja among us. I figured since I was the master at all things not-being-found, this would be a piece of cake for me.

I could not have been more wrong. I later learned that this massive game was actually a camp tradition, and there were certain places the seekers would ALWAYS check first.

One of those places was where I was hiding, underneath an old abandoned rowboat out in the woods. It seemed like the perfect place.

The problem was that the counselors finished their counting and headed straight for me. I was found less than two minutes into a game that would ultimately take two hours.

The best part of the story is that, since I was the first one found, I got to be publicly humilliated for my shameful ineptitude. I had to stand there (with the whole camp watching- and laughing) while the counselors threw buckets of sand, water, and barbecue sauce at me.

I had sand in my hair for days, and smelled like bbq for over a week. I greatly disliked dogs during that time.

13. I get distracted really easily.

14. My achilles heel in terms of buying things is t-shirts. I love them.

15. About half of the dreams I have had and can remember involve someone (it's never me) getting assassinated. Either that, or I mysteriously KNOW that they're going to be killed, and I have to stop it somehow.

Also, I apologize for starting the 30+1 day challenge and then doing nothing for a few days. Internet at conference was non existent.


  1. A) everyone seems to be missing their dogs terribly... it looks like I actually dodged a bullet by not having one.

    B) You are the opposite of Creed. Does that count as a comparison?

  2. i accept opposite comparisons i guess :P just not excessively