Wednesday, February 16, 2011

720 Hour Challenge + One Extra Random Day

How many of you all remember Cali?

Well, she's decided that I've been far too lazy with posting, which is true. I've hit this rut where I literally cannot think of ANYTHING to do for a good post.

So, to correct both issues, she's challenged me to a 30 day challenge she found. There's only one small problem with it I noticed when looking over the things to write about each day...

Why would you issue a 30 day challenge to bloggers, but include a day "0"? Is that not clearly a 31 day challenge? WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE TRYING TO DECEIVE ME.

Mind game hijinks aside, though, it's pretty straight forward. Every day, you look at the list, and do a (potentially shorter than usual) post about the topic they've given you.

DAY ZERO: the 30 day challenge explanation and description.
Conveniently enough, I've already done that.

So... ok. I hadn't read what I was supposed to do beforehand. That took much less time than I anticipated.

How about this: to compensate, I'll show you a few of the awesome wallpapers I've found on the internets lately.

Also, since certain members of my audience think that non-humorous blogs are irrelevant now (*cough*), I'll make a point of not just being like "I'm Brian and this is my favorite type of cat."

Stay tuned. The next many posts could be very interesting...

...but they also might not be, I honestly have no idea. I haven't read the rest of the topics yet myself.

I think the safest thing for all of us would be to go into this with our expectations set to "mediocrity".


  1. I'm going to assume that by "30 day challenge" you meant "30 week challenge" because there's no way that days 1 and 2 of your challenge were both "do nothing"

  2. yeah... there was no internet at the hotels for conference, i couldn't post anything. and we got back at 2:30 this morning so i'm not updating today either. other than that it's a "day"challenge though :)

  3. ahem, where is this post?

    (this is cali btw.)