Friday, February 25, 2011

Sept-ember (it's puntacular!)

Gah... sorry. I forgot to post this when I had finished it...

Day 7: Your Favorite Movies

Before I say or do anything related to my obligation here, I just felt compelled to tell you that I finished the first two character sketches I was talking about in the last post. Hurray!

You still don't get to see them though. Sorry.

Anyway. Movies.

Probably my favorite movie of all time is V for Vendetta.
SUCH an amazing film.

Even barring the fact that V is practically a ninja, whosever idea he was demonstrated sheer ingenuity with his formation. V is passionate, radical, compassionate, sinister, and is an even more believable "hero" than Batman. By that I mean he had no super powers (barring the possible exception of great tolerance for pain- which he still feels, mind you) and accomplishes all of his attacks in a manner that, given proper training, any of us could. He uses exclusively home made explosives, fights with swords and knives, and doesn't use a futuristic super-belt.

The soundtrack isn't overpowering, the cameramen knew what they were doing, the list goes on.

I also like it because it's a heavy action movie, but that's just my personal preference.

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