Monday, May 16, 2011

Will The Real Carl Please Stand Up

One of the best things about having friends is that they know things you don't. You can learn from their life experiences, they can tell you how to solve problems that are beyond you, and obviously vice versa.

They can also show you Youtube videos you haven't run into on Stumbleupon yet. In this instance, I'm going to credit the Andy with showing me Llamas With Hats.

To the psychos who gave us Carl and the effeminate Paul, I salute you. To the people who haven't yet watched the video, allow me to redirect you here.

As a heads up to those of you reading this, some cough "renowned individual" going by the name of Harold Camping has come out and informed the world that the world is going to end. Soon, in fact, so all of you who have been wondering will finally get to find out what that will be like. So, if you all manage to hold onto your hats until Saturday- yes, THIS saturday, as in May 21, 2011- then all your questions will be answered.

I am myself a little skeptical about the whole debacle, though. My first reason can be found in Matthew 24:36: "But about the day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." God flat out tells everyone that no one is going to know when the world is going to end. He also says that people are going to be proclaiming His arrival claiming to have been inspired, or something like that, but don't listen to them. It's true, he says that. Go check the chapter for yourselves.

My second big reason is that Camping has already bungled predicting the end of the world before.

That having been said, I suppose choosing to believe him or not is up to the individual. Although if for some reason you do decide to believe him, I would suggest not going out and selling all of your earthly possessions like so many other people have done... just, you know, on the off chance that he didn't quite do it right this time either.


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  2. I think it says I deleted the above comment? I just wanted to add something to it!

    I agree. Both that Llamas With Hats is funny, and that no one can predict the end of the world.

    I wrote a similar post awhile ago, and then found this one. And what do you know? Not everyone is convinced that tomorrow is the last day before the end.

  3. I know, i read yours just now! i'll admit i didn't know this guy had received so much attention, apparently everyone already knew something about this... um... assumption.