Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yeah, I know, I'm slacking

But I have a pretty good reason to.

See, I have to write about another guy to complete my favorite persons thing, but there are legitimately several people I could choose. So I'm going to take the wussy way out and have you decide for me! :)

Meaning that there's another one of those polls stuck to the side of my blog, with a list of names. Pick who you want to hear about the most.

Now I digress, to the other half of the post (that I should have done a few days ago):


First and foremost, there is this girl:

Everyone should have their "go-to" person, who they can talk to about everything, do anything with, and sometimes make a horrific fool of yourself around. Cali is my go-to girl.

Have I done an official bio of her? I don't think so.

Obviously if I know her and she's not from Needham, that means she's a swimmer. She's technically a distance swimmer since she swam the 1000, the 1650, the 500 and relays all year, but secretly she really wants to be a sprinter- meaning she'd swim both the 100 and the 1000 free, which is rather unusual (Also, by "secretly" I mean she has been openly plotting to re-train herself for a while now).

Swimmer jargon, sorry.

She's really hard to describe in writing, for some reason... at least in terms of her personality. I could certainly make a whole slew of short person jokes (she's the second shortest swimmer Asbury has, at about 5'4"- meaning she barely comes up to my chin), but that normally means I'd get a fist buried in my stomach for being "mean".

That all having been said, she is my first and best college friend.

I mean, yeah we have our disagreements about certain things, and I'm almost sure she thinks I'm a raging idiot, but somehow she tolerates me enough to hang out. I'm pretty grateful for that.

A couple of facts about her:
She is very similar to a cat in that she is easily distracted by moving lights, like a laser pointer. This will also work, as well as this. If you find one she hasn't seen before, it's a guaranteed 10-20 minutes of no productivity for her.

She is quite possibly more addicted to coffee than Andy. For those of you who knew that Andy was on a first name basis with every employee in Needhams Starbucks, I know that might be a little hard to accept, but I stand by my observation. The girl is a coffee monster.

There's a whole lot more to her that I just don't have the time or space to get into, but since she gave me a pretty glowing review on her own page, I'm going to close the bit about her by saying she is really something else. If you don't know her, you're missing out on something really incredible. She's both passionate about and terrific at the things she does, and she is a genuine and caring person.

Who to talk about now is the problem...

You know what, I'll just do a person a day. Two is too many, and it's past midnight and I'm tired.


  1. "it's past midnight"

    "Posted by Brian at 1:51PM"

    Yes, it is definitely past midnight.

    PS. Please tell Cali I follow her blog and I love it but she disabled comments. :D

  2. this is cali. i can't write. so i only told a few friends about it and don't even know how to make the comments work. technology & writing aren't exactly talents of mine. but thank you and brian, i'd say you need to do one of these of of gary & dorothy (:

    it should really be easier for me to have my name on this..but i don't know how so for now anonymous = cali (:

  3. "of of"? wow, i needed sleep. sorry brian. o.O