Thursday, January 27, 2011

People Person

One of the things that people have requested I do is more bios on my college buddies. Apparently those are interesting? If they're not, again, I won't know unless people TELL ME.

So, since no one has told me otherwise, today I'm going to do Kelsey Huck. I'm sure I've mentioned her in earlier posts, but just as a reminder:

Kelsey is one of the few people who I'm friends with outside of the swim team. Admittedly the only reason I know her is because she was a part of my Archways group (Team Grit ftw), but that doesn't diminish how awesome she is at all. SWIMMERS AREN'T THE ONLY COOL PEOPLE OUT THERE.

One of the things I found out right off the bat is that she likes- LOVES- hats. She is one of those girls who becomes infatuated with almost any kind of hat, and wants to wear it even if it's yours. She will ask you nicely the first time, but after that you have to hold onto it a little more carefully: she'll steal it right off your head.
She also apparently likes my hat a LOT.

But, I mean, in the long run it's not so bad. I'm pretty sure the longest I've had her steal it is only 5 days or so. No big deal.

Lately though she has taken to getting her own hats, so I don't have to worry about losing feeling in my face anymore. To everyone back home, in case I haven't already told you, Kentucky can get freakishly cold due to wind chill.

At the end of the Archways trip, the whole crew of people was hanging out in the basement of one of the buildings on campus- sort of a "last time together" deal. I was sitting by Kelsey and Taryn when one of the other guys challenged me to speed ball. Kelsey asked if she could see my iPod while I was up playing. Sure, why not. I handed it over and proceeded to get slaughtered at the game.

After about 20 minutes of constant embarrassment, I gave up and went back to Kelsey. She was pretty excited, talking about how we had a lot of the same music and how much she liked what I had.

Now, I'm used to most people MAKING FUN of me for the music I listen to, but Kelsey hangs out with me in the Student Center and we listen to music together. I know, it's a little weird, but rapping along to In The End by Linkin Park with her was one of the more awesome parts of my week so far.

Another way that she stands out from most people is that she is a double- sided coin. Normally that would have a negative connotation, I know, but in Kelsey's case that is definitely not true. She is one part fun loving, excited, easy to tease and get teased by... and one part drop dead serious about the things that she needs to be for. It's really quite funny, because she's one of the people who laughs at me the most but also one of the first people I think of when I need advice or solace for something.

So here's to you, Kelsey! You're doing a good job. Keep up the effort :)


  1. "You're doing a good job. Keep up the effort :)"


  2. And by that I mean:

    What a lovely post but you make it sound like she's your employee rather than your friend in that last line :)

  3. obviously i meant she's doing a good job at being a good person...

  4. I like the bios, though I noticed that you haven't bioed at least one of your non-college friends. (hint, hint)

  5. BIO YOUR PUPPY. I kind of really want to see what he(?) looks like.

    And now I am going to wander that way <-- because I apparently don't have anything else to do at midnight on a Friday... and I should go to bed so I stop bugging my roomie with my clicking, typing, and light. Good times.